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  Whoosh in English Whoosh in het Nederlands

Below you will find an overview of all of our Close-Ups translated in English, in order of translation. For more Close-Ups of European rides, events and shows, we suggest you take a look at the Dutch Version of Whoosh Magazine.

Dragon Khan, PortAventura Park

It is one really big monster. A monster that celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Dragon Khan; 46 metres tall, 1270 metres long, and no less than eight inversions. [continue]
Cop Car Chase, Movie Park Germany

What makes this German duelling roller coaster, formerly known as Lethal Weapon Pursuit, so special? Time for a close-up... [continue]
Galaxie Express, Space Center

"The first ride and the first review."

Galaxie Express is the worlds first virtual reality coaster; a mixture of a simulator and a roller coaster. [continue]