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Basic Info

Roller coasters and theme parks. That is what Whoosh Magazine is mainly about. Some people are true experts on this subject, others have only once visited a theme park in their entire life. This is why the editorial staff decided to write an introductionary article. To make sure that this website will make sense to all who read it; expert or rookie.

And then the time came to write this introductionary article... but how? All of our writers are experts in their own fields. To be honest, we don't really know what it is that people should not understand about the Whoosh Magazine articles.

This is why we have decided to place the initiative at your side of the table. If you don't understand an article, if you have a question, or if you simple don't know what a certain abbreviation stands for, just send us a quick message. And then we will try to answer your question as fast as possible. That's Whoosh service.